Orem Chiropractic Care Improves Brain Function

Research is now showing what I have known all along:Orem chiropractic care improves brain function.orem chiropractic improves brain function

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Researchers found (again) that adjusting the spine affects the brain and more specifically the pre frontal cortex.

The pre frontal cortex is the part of our brains where we think, learn, plan, have memories, develop emotional responses,  and are human.

Researchers found that by adjusting the spine changed pre frontal cortex function by twenty percent!

Lead researcher Heidi Haavik said,

“Being able to accurately perceive the world around you is a vital skill we need all day every day. To recognize some objects you may need to mentally rotate them. For example to recognize the letter p versus b if they were not upright you would need to rotate them in your mind to figure out which letter it was. We all do mentally rotate shapes and objects we see, but we may not often think about that we do it, or how important this is in our daily life.”

What does this mean in terms of chiropractic’s impact on things like behavior, decision making, memory, attention, intelligence, emotional responses to pain, and our automatic functions like breathing, digestion and heart function?

Chiropractors are known for successfully treating joint, muscle and nerve pain conditions. This research suggests there's a lot more to chiropractic than that.

Maybe the next time you need mental clarity you should consider turning to chiropractic care.

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