Orem Chiropractic Care More Cost Effective Than Medical Care

In an study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics it was found that when compared to medical care Orem chiropractic care was found to be more cost effective. High Value High Satisfaction With Chiropractic

The study also found that those who received chiropractic care got better results too.

Think about it. What is the first line of care for back pain in the medical model? Pain medications, anti inflammatory medications and muscle relaxers.

I'm reminded of a commercial for motor oil I saw when I was a kid. The mechanic on the screen was holding the brand of motor oil saying, "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later." Implying you could buy brand X of motor oil now and save your engine or you could buy a lesser quality of oil now and save a few dollars, but in the end you're going to have to bring your car to the mechanic because it isn't as good.

This is what I think about when I think about back pain and medical care.

An office visit to a chiropractor is going to be more than some Ibuprofen off the counter and you may feel better after taking the pills, but we're talking about mechanical back pain. What does Ibuprofen do to improve the mechanics of your spine?


That's why I can confidently say, "It'll come back" and it almost always does.

There was another factor that the study mentions that may be the most important factor. Those who used chiropractic care were much more satisfied with their care than those who received medical care.

So here's the deal: chiropractic gets better, faster results at a lower cost. Of course the people are more satisfied with their chiropractic care.

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