Orem Chiropractic Neck Pain Relief

In this post I'll discuss Orem chiropractic neck pain relief, which is headache-migraine-specialist-utah-oremgood news for you because statistics show that at any given day twelve percent of females and nine percent of males are experiencing neck pain. I will also discuss other, more serious consequences of neck problems. Researchers have discovered what you've probably discovered on your own, neck pain is quite common and many instances are insignificant and not associated with any disability or limitation.

Another thing they discovered that you didn't need research to understand, the more severe is your neck pain, the more you will be limited and the greater affect it will have on your lifestyle.

Having said all that, remember that is pain is a personal and private experience. What is painful to me may not be painful for you. Doctors and researchers usually use some variation of visual rating system for pain, which is often translated into a 1-10 scale, 10 being the most painful. So if I become limited at a pain rating of 6, maybe you are limited at a pain rating of 3. It doesn't matter. Pain is a personal and private experience, so never think less of yourself or others because of what you think is insignificant pain. Even though I as a clinician try to, it's impossible for one person to appreciate the pain of another.

Pain occurs when there is enough stimuli to turn on pain endings (these endings are called receptors) or when the threshold of the receptor is reduced, meaning the receptor is made more sensitive than it other wise would be due to some kind of other unrelated phenomenon.

So the solution to neck pain is found in getting rid of the thing that is causing the receptor to turn on and or helping the nerve return to normal function so it isn't so sensitive and turn on so easily.

There is quite a bit involved in that last part, which will be too much for one post, so we'll discuss that in other posts.

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