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After a long, cold winter the wonderful signs of spring are finally appearing. Golden daffodils and dandelions are growing in the meadows and along the sides of the roads.

In people’s yards red and yellow tulips, purple phlox and hyacinths are pushing their heads through the soil.

The forests are turning a thousand shades of green. The dogwood, apple, and cherry trees are all in bloom, filling their branches with beautiful flowers and the air with their sweet smell.

The green grass is growing again and rabbits and deer are sneaking into my backyard at dusk for an evening snack.

Jacket mornings are giving way to short sleeve afternoons as the strengthening sun slowly warms the earth.

Bluejays and red cardinals are flying overhead. Robins are gathering twigs for their nests. In the trees a hundred birds are singing their love songs while a woodpecker drums along.

As I walked out of my house this morning too I saw another sign of spring that brightened my soul and filled my heart with joy. A single, white butterfly floated by my face, circled my head, and flew off again.

We all go through winter times in our lives. We go through times of cold loneliness, bitter disappointment, and frigid despair. We go through times when we feel frozen to our very core.

God’s love, however, is always there for us.

Like the strengthening sun, God’s love is there to warm our hearts, thaw our spirits, and bring life back to our souls.

Allow God to fill you with His love. Allow Him to awaken the love within yourself so you can share it with the world. Then all of your days will be filled with light, laughter, joy, and springtime.

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