Orem Chiropractic Reveals How To Avoid Getting Sick

It's early February and the cold and flu are running rampant. Maybe you've already had this year? Either way, Orem chiropractic reveals how to avoid getting sick. Orem Chiropractic Reveals How To Avoid Getting Sick Here's what we know for sure: Over the last one hundred years people are sleeping one and a half to two hours less than our predecessors. We also know that thirty three percent of the working force is sleeping less than six hours a night.

If this sounds like you, you probably already know that this lack of sleep is terrible for your health. You may have even noticed that you get sick more often when you're not sleeping.

Researchers wanted to know why this happens. So they took eleven pair of identical twins with different sleep patterns. What they found in every case was the twin with a shorter sleep cycle had a depressed immune system.

We all have heard that the magic number is eight hours of sleep a night. Researchers found that for the best immune function one needed at least seven hours of sleep.

This study was unique in that it used identical twins to control for genetic affects on sleep and it was discovered that our genetics account for somewhere between 31 and 55 percent of our sleep duration. Our sleep behavior and environment make up the remainder.

What this means is that you have a greater influence on how much sleep you get than you probably think.

There was another interesting aspect to this study. They took the twin that was sleeping less and gave them a vaccine to a certain virus and then exposed them to the virus. They still got the virus more often than the twin getting more sleep.

Protect yourself again cold, flu's and all kinds of other sickness by getting enough sleep tonight and every night.