Orem Chiropractor and Local Search Marketing

To companies involved in local search marketing please pay close attention to this post,I've got some great advice for you.

In this post sponsored by Orange Soda I'm discussing my thoughts regarding a recent experience with a company who visited my office this week.

On Thursday afternoon I received from a local company (I'm in Orem Utah) asking me if I would meet with one of their "representatives" on Monday who would just happen to be in my area.  They said they were involved in building mobile web sites.  Knowing that many people who contact my office find me online and that more and more search is done on mobile devices I was interested and agreed to the meeting.

Monday morning came around.  Between our phone call on Thursday and our meeting on Monday I had scheduled several patient appointments at that same time.  The "representative" showed up a few minutes early, introduced himself and came into my office.  I explained to him that I had appointments, but I was interested in building a mobile version of my site so let's get right to it.

As soon I turned the conversation to him he went into asking me about using Google Adwords to promote my site.  At that moment I turned off.  I asked for a rate sheet and told him to call me at the end of the week.

My advice:  if you want an easy sell, sell me something I told you I want, something you told me you wanted to sell me, not something else.

B2BDr Ned