Orem Chiropractor Desires A Masters In Business Administration

Sometimes I think about things much more than I should.  I ask myself "what if I would have _________?"  Maybe you've done the same. Have you ever seen the movie Sliding Doors? It's a movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow.  It tells the story of Helen who works for a PR company in London.  One day she is in a hurry to make a train.  The movie shows us the consequences and chain of events that result from her making and at the same time not making the train.

With this is mind if I ask myself, "what if you had done something else besides chiropractic, what would it be?"  After fifteen years in practice and running my own business for that time I think I would get a masters in business administration.

There are many reasons why I think I would like that, but one of the biggest would have to be the apparent flexibility of such a degree.  One of the biggest heartbreaks of my practice has been loving what I do clinically and professionally, yet at the same time having difficulties because of my lack of business acumen.  It seems a masters in business administration would help with that, plus with a MBA it seems like there would be a lot of different things one could do.

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