Orem Chiropractor Discusses 5 Secrets To The Perfect Nap

Last week we talked about insomnia and sleep deprivation.Today, Orem chiropractor discusses 5 secrets to the perfect nap.Orem Sleep Professional Ends Insomnia

I should point out that these tips are not my own. They are from  Daniel Pink and his book When.

Tip 1: Find Your Afternoon Low Point. The best time for a nap is generally about 7 hours after waking (to be more precise, note your afternoon mood and energy levels for a week to find your optimal nap time).

Sleep deprivation is a real thing and it's deadly. If you're not getting seven hours a night you better start taking naps.

Tip 2: Turn off your phone notifications. If you’ve got a door, close it. If you’ve got a couch, use it.

There's plenty of science to back up the fact that our phones mess up our sleep. Don't use it to "try and go to sleep."It won't work. Digital media winds your brain up.

Tip 3: Down a cup of coffee. Yes, you read that right. The most efficient nap is the “nappuccino”. Caffeine takes about 25 minutes to engage in your bloodstream, so drink up right before you lie down.

Personally, I'm not a coffee drinker, but a non sweetned caffeine beverage would do the same. It takes time for the caffeine to take affect and when it does, it time for you to get up.

Tip 4: Set a timer for 25 minutes. Naps between 10 and 20 minutes measurably boost alertness and mental function without leaving you sleepier than before. When you wake up, the caffeine is beginning to kick in.

Tip 5: Repeat consistently. There’s evidence that habitual nappers get more from their naps than infrequent nappers, so if you have the flexibility, make an afternoon nap a regular ritual.

Especially if you're not getting the seven plus hours at night.

Try these out and tell me what you think.

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