Orem Chiropractor Discusses Diet - Meat Eater vs Vegetarian

As an Orem Chiropractor I did most of my education in Dallas, Texas. I completed my undergrad at North Lake Community College and then on to Parker College of Chiropractic.vegetarian diet meat eaters orem chiropractic As part of my professional education, I did a lot of study in nutrition, as part of my course work and my own personal study. I was fascinated by it. I was driven by the question, "How can I make the human body perform better?"

In trying to answer this question to myself, I finally decided that I was going to eat a vegetarian diet. I don't remember it being a firm decision, more it was something I was sliding into.

Sliding into until a Sunday afternoon at my in-laws for dinner and I didn't eat a hamburger. I had a bun loaded with vegetables and sides of fruits and vegetables. When you don't put meat on your bun in Texas it get noticed.

This choice led to a  "warm" discussion. This discussion entrenched me into my position of not eating meat and I concluded the conversation with a quote from cardiologist Dean Ornish, who had something like, "Eating a vegetarian diet is considered abnormal, having veins from your leg grafted into your heart, that's considered normal."

After eating a non animal product diet for more than a year, I was encouraged to give it up by an ecclesiastical leader, who counseled me to be careful because my lifestyle could lead me to become extreme and fringe.

For some reason that struck a cord with me and I gave it up. The next day was Memorial Day, 1996. This meant brisket at the in-laws.

It was so amazing!

Since then I put as much study learning how being a meat eater is actually healthier.

People have asked me as a professional what I think of living a vegetarian diet.  My response always includes a simplified version of this story. I conclude by saying, "If you're eating a vegetarian diet for ideological reasons, great, keep it up. If you're eating a vegetarian diet because you think its 'more healthy' than maybe you could do a little more research."

With all this in mind I share the following: Vegetarians are 'less healthy' and have a poorer quality of life than meat-eaters

If you ask me, the best diet is based on lots of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and the occasional indulgence.

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