Orem Chiropractor Discusses "Fix Your Brain - End Your Pain"

Through the years you’ve probably heard or read this phrase from me: "Fix Your Brain – End Your Pain," but what does that mean?  How does does it help with your Orem sciatica pain First and foremost your brain controls & coordinates everything that happens in your body, from digestion to your immune response, to pain. Second "pain" becomes pain when the signal reaches your brain and your brain decides what it is and where it’s coming from. Previous to that it’s actually called nociception. Nociception comes from nociceptors. Nociceptors are receptors or nerve endings that respond to pressure, tissue derangement, chemical irritants and the like.

So, let’s use your big toe as an example. Let’s say your carrying a big rock and you drop it on your toe. The nociceptors in your toe will get turned on due to the pressure of the rock the damage done to the tissues. The nociceptors then race these impulses to the brain. Here’s where it gets really cool.

Most of the nerves in our body are what I’ll call coordination nerves. In our example of the rock on the toe, these coordination nerves go from the brain back to the toe to "water down" the nociception impulses that are going to the brain. This watering down process happens to the nociceptive information all the way up, so that by the time the brain starts defining what this information means and where it came from it’s a lot less than when it started – and this is a good thing. We would go crazy with pain if we felt the full extent of all the damage done to our bodies. What determines the effectiveness of this process? The health and function of your brain.

This is one of the things that makes my Orem Sciatica Treatment so effective.  I provide the proper stimulation to your brain so that it is able to inhibit or block pain appropriately.

One more bit of information on this topic. Your pain endings are ALWAYS on, as are all nerves in your body - if they weren’t on all the time they would die. Under normal circumstances the brain is able to inhibit or block these pain or nociceptive signals so that we never feel them. Have you or do you know someone who had a lot more pain than their injury would suggest? That happens because the brain’s ability to inhibit the nociceptive or pain signals is reduced, so that what the person feels is stronger. This is also what happens in chronic pain. The brains ability to block pain is greatly reduced and so the pain goes on and on.

As your Orem Chiropractor I am a neurologically trained chiropractor. I help "fix your brain," so that your brain is able to "end your pain."