Orem Chiropractor Discusses Implications of Back Pain

As an Orem Chiropractor I see people with back pain every day.  Some back pain is mild others have debilitating cases.  Some people have an "I will over come" attitude, others let their pain define them. In this post sponsored by Healthy Back dot com, I will discuss some of the implications of back pain and some of the  simplest things you can do to keep your back as healthy as possible.

The Science Daily, January 1, 2004 reports that researchers from Duke Medical Center found that people who experience back pain consume 90 billion annually in health care expenses and of that 90 billion, 26 billion went to treatments for back pain.  It may be important to point out they used data from 1998.  Fast forward to 2012 and I'm sure we can all agree that costs have gone up since then.  Needless to say back pain is expensive.

So what should you do if you've got back pain.  See your Orem Chiropractor first.  This sounds self promoting but chiropractic has for years proven to get the best results at the lowest prices for back pain.  That's just a fact.

Just this week research from Liberty Mutual Insurance found that people who were treated by chiropractors for work related injuries were less likely to have relapses when compared to those who were treated by physical therapists and medical doctors.