Orem Chiropractor Does Online Marketing

When I stared in practice in 1997 I knew very little about running a business or being a professional services provider.  As a young person I saw people who were self employed as successful, happy and prosperous and that's what I wanted. I looked forward to the day when I would start in business and people would just flock to me.  I'm a nice guy, I'm sincere and I really want to help people.  I thought with those characteristics and good clinical skills I was bound for success.

Guess what?

I quickly discovered that those characteristics were not enough be successful.

So, now I've got to learn marketing.  Then the Yellow Pages salesman shows up.  Remember this is 1997, so I say let's do it.  I didn't go for the biggest, but I got a good sized ad and waited for it get out and all the people to start calling.

What I found was that the people still weren't flocking to my office.  What I did find was that a few people did call, but they weren't the kind of clientele I wanted.

Years later I've built a good web site and using Online Marketing  the people I want are finding me.  It's the great equalizer.  Back in the day there was no way to get ahead of the big listings who had been there before me.

None of that applies now.  Online marketing allows people to find relevant information based on their searches and so the people who are looking specifically for what I do find me and I don't have to wade through the wrong clients.

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