Orem Chiropractor Dreams Of Santa Monica Real Estate

If you didn't read my previous post you should know that I was recently involved in an accident that has left me with a broken arm. In this sponsored post I share my day dreams about some extravagant Santa Monica real estate to make me feel better about the physical condition I'm in.

In my previous post I wrote about traveling and staying in luxurious homes and having servants to wait on me.  What would be better than visiting a luxurious home?  Owning a luxurious home!

I've never traveled internationally, unless you count Mexico & Canada, so my data base regarding places to own a mansion is admittedly limited, but of the places I have seen and been to, southern California is one my favorites.

About twelve years ago I did some professional training in Orange County and I flew out to California once a month for a four day weekend and attend seminars and classes as part of my training.

I'll be the first to admit I've got a great life and I live comfortably, but after seeing some of the homes around southern California and especially those that are on the beaches, there is another world of "living well" that I know nothing about.

So I'm left day dreaming (again) about owning a home on the beach of Santa Monica, having the waves crash just below my deck and enjoying the sun setting over the ocean.

Sigh, broken arm?  What broken arm?

ChiropracticDr Ned