Orem Chiropractor - How Good Posture Goes Bad


Today I'm going to answer the question: How did my posture go bad in the first place?

Posture is an unconscious function like breathing or digestion. We never think, "it's time to breathe." Our brain stem has control over it and does it without us having to think about it.

The same is true for our posture. Our brain stem has control over it and keeps it aligned without us having to think about it.

When it comes to our posture there are two systems in our brain stem that have the job to keep our keep our head up, level and over our shoulder without us having to think about it.

These are the ponto medullary reticular formation and the vestibular system.

When we stare at our computer screen like this guy or when we're head down looking at our phone screen we're over riding these unconscious systems that work to keep our posture correct.

So when we practice poor posture often enough and long enough we dampen these systems so much that they lose the ability to return our posture to where it should be.

Before you know it you're always slouched, head forward and shoulders rolled in.

Thanks for watching.

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