Orem Chiropractor Needs A Fast Faucet Repair

Nine years ago (2003) I moved my practice about six blocks north from my original location.  If you've ever moved you know that whether you move across the street or across the globe, moving is a lot of work. In this sponsored post I'll be sharing an experience when I needed a faucet repair.

Having moved many times throughout my youth and young adult years I thought I knew what to expect and how to effectively do it.

As an Orem chiropractor I learned that moving a professional office is A LOT different than moving an apartment.  Not only is there the boxes and boxes of records that need to be moved and protected but there is equipment.

The challenge was moving my x-ray machine.  In fact because it's an x-ray machine that had to be moved professionally to ensure that all the safety guidelnes were met.  So in that way the actual moving of the x-ray machine was prety easy.  As part of moving I had to ensure that the electricity was right for the x-ray machine and that water was in the right place for the developer.  I had it all covered, or so I thought.

Once the move actually happened I discovered it wasn't quite right - there was a sink where I needed just a faucet to hook up to the developer.  After getting the sink taken out it eneded up just fine.  I guess no matter how prepared you think you are, you can always be more prepared.

B2BDr Ned