Orem Chiropractor Offers Alternative To ADHD Treament

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Do you or your child suffer with ADHD symptoms? Do you find your self to be impulsive and or hyperactive?  Do you have an inability to focus, restlessness, or difficulty with interpersonal relationships?  Symptoms can vary in severity, but even mild cases can be disruptive.  Although ADHD is most often associated with childhood it does occur in adults.  Researchers say that ADHD affects about 4% of school age children and about 60% of those will continue to experience symptoms into adulthood.  If not managed, adults with ADHD can become withdrawn and anti-social

Have you thought about alternatives to ADHD medications?  If you've studied this topic, even a little, you will have discovered that drug treatments for ADHD are controversial. Watch the above video and listen carefully to where this good doctor offers alternatives to ADHD medications.

Have you tried an ADHD diet? In some cases ADHD has been linked to diet, including food allergies and nutritional inefficiencies.  Because the foods we eat are the fuel for our engine, bad foods will result in bad health.

Here are some suggestions if you would like to use your diet to address your ADHD.

1.  No dairy. 2.  No yellow foods.  (Bananas are actually white, just don't eat the peel.) 3.  No packaged foods. 4.  No sugar. 5.  No chocolate. 6.  No artificial sweeteners. 7.  No fried foods. 8.  No artificial coloring. 9.  No processed meats. 10.  No MSG.

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