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I've been self employed as an Orem chiropractor for nearly twenty years. Which means for those twenty years I've always been trying to learn how to do what I do better.  Neck Pain Relief Orem Utah Dead Horse Pass It also means that I juggle a lot of different things. Taking care of people and trying to provide a valuable service, marketing, finance, management, as well as all of the personal and family things that I need to take care of.

This is not to say I'm unique. We all have lots of balls we're trying to juggle.

In my experience with it all, one of the things I've learned is habits are important and if I may be bold enough to say so, our habits define who we are and play a great role in our success.

It recently came to my attention that while I think of habits as good things, not all people agree. Somebody I know, who is into meditation said, that habits are the opposite of mindfulness, which those who meditate are after. Mindfulness being a state where a person is 100% present any experience.

Habits are often done without thought or being present in them, which is why this person didn't think highly of them.

It was suggested to this person that habits should be created mindfully, but not necessarily executed mindfully. The reason being that I want to create habits so I do the things I know I need to without a lot of mental energy.

If I've got to think about brushing my teeth every day then there might come a time when I'll choose not to. If brushing my teeth is a habit (which it is!) then there's no deciding about it. It's just what I do.

Anything I have to think about or that is open to choice, I might choose not to do, even if it's good for me and I want to do it.

This is why I want to create habits for many of my important tasks.

Do you have a habit you want to create, but have been unsuccessful in doing so? Maybe you want to get up early or watch less TV or eat more vegetables or a host of other things.

How do you make these things habits? Practice.

Let's say you want to get up early, but every time your alarm goes off you convince yourself tomorrow will be the day, but today you're just too tired. How do you practice this?

Find a time when you're not so tired and get in bed how ever you sleep. PJ's, underwear, whatever. Make your room dark and a similiar temperature to when you sleep. Make everything like your normal sleeping situation and set your alarm.

When the alarm goes off, hop out of bed and go to whatever it is you want to do when you first get up.

Do this multiple times.

Now when your alarm goes off you'll have a routine, muscle memory, of getting up and getting to it right when the alarm goes off.

Do this with whatever habit you want to create.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. All information contained within AskDrNed.com website is intended for educational purposes only. Consumers should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something they may have read on this website.

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