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As a Orem chiropractor & postural specialist I'm going to take you "under the hood" today of what it really takes to have good posture.posture specialist orem chiropractor Let's first talk about all of the parts of our brain that produce proper posture.

The first and foremost is what's called the ponto medullary reticular formation or abbreviated PMRF.

Let's break that down, so as to explain it. You've got your brain and then below that is the brain stem. The brain stem is the connector between the brain and spinal cord.

There are three parts to the brain stem. The mesencephalon or mid brain on top. In the middle is the pons. The bottom section of the brain stem is the medulla oblangata or just simply, the medulla.

So the ponto medullary reticular formation is a bunch of nerves between the pons and the medulla.

One of it's primary functions is inhibiting or turning off anterior muscles or muscle in the front of your body. Just looking at yourself you can see that your bigger muscles are on the front of your body and if you didn't have this you would be stopped over because the large front of the body muscles would be pulling you that direction.

What is bad posture? It's a stooped, leaning forward or slouched position. What prevents that from happening? The PMRF.

Now there are times when we need that position for whatever it is we're doing. When we start doing that on our own a lot, say when we're looking at our mobile device excessively, we start to "turn off" that signal from the PMRF, so when we want to sit or stand up properly, we can't.

So if we want to have better posture we need to activate the PMRF to send it's signals again.

This is just one aspect of posture.

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