Orem Chiropractor Reviews Favao Body Cleanse

As an Orem Chiropractor my practice focuses on helping people who experience a variety of chronic pain conditions.  One of the things that is a big contributor to chronic pain is inflammation. In this post sponsored by Xango and their favao body cleanse.  Let me point out I've never personally tried this product, but I'll be reviewing it based on it's ingredient list, what is known about those ingredients and my personal experience with cleanses.

When I mention inflammation I'm not talking about inflammation you may get when you twist your ankle and it swells up.  What I'm talking about is global inflammation - inflammation throughout the body.  This kind of inflammation results from the things we eat and drink, or don't eat and drink that produce a similar response.  Many people are surprised to learn this - that the things we eat can produce inflammation and thus lead to more pain.

A good example of of this is omega 6 fats vs omega 3 fats.  Ideally, these should be taken in a one to one ratio.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) has an almost 30:1 ratio of omega 6 fats to omega 3 fats.

This is where an effective cleanse comes in.  First, an effective cleanse will not have sugars or other kinds of sweeteners.  Sugars contribute to the imbalance in omega 6 vs omega 3 fats.

Another important aspect of an effective cleanse is low calorie - which is closely related to the no sugars, but an important fact in and of itself.

Another characteristic of an effective cleanse is being done over multiple days to several weeks. It should also be done with little or no food - an extended fasting state.

One of the purposes of a cleanse is to, for a lack of a better word, clean the colon.  This can be done through fiber, which is a common approach, or through substances that stimulate colon motility.  The colon moves things through the digestive system through a process called peristalsis.  It's a wave like motion through the muscles of the colon that cause the contents to move.  This is colon motility.  This process causes the colon to clean out any "junk" in the colon.

If you take these traits and apply them to the the Favao Body Cleanse I think you'll be pleased.

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