Orem Chiropractor Reviews Mad Mimi Email Service

Here's a new category of blog posts that I will begin doing: reviews.  As an Orem chiropractor I'm not a slick business person, but I have learned a lot of lessons from the school of hard knocks and maybe you can glean some goodness from my experiences. Today's post is a sponsored post in which I will be reviewing Mad Mimi html email service.  Though this is a sponsored post, the thoughts and experiences are my own.

So when I first went to the Mad Mimi site the first thing that catches my attention is the simple attractiveness of it.  They clearly let you know what they do with simple images and a little bit of text.  It's visually appealing.

The next thing I do is watch the introductory video they have which explains how they're different, again it's simplicity is visually appealing.

Another good thing about it is they have several different levels, so if you're a giant corporation sending hundreds of thousands of emails they've got you covered, but if you're like me and a local business trying to compete against giant corporations they've got a plan for you tool

I haven't yet experienced they're customer service personally, but I did read several reviews which touted its awesomeness.

So if you're looking for a email service to keep in contact with your customers, give a Mad Mimi a look.

B2BDr Ned