Orem Chiropractor Tries Mad Mimi Newsletter Templates

Do you subscribe to any eNewsletters?  I do.  Several in fact.  I really like eNewsletters and in this sponsored post I will share my experience with, email, eNewsletters and Mad Mimi newsletter templates . Did you ever see that movie "You've Got Mail"?  Meg Ryan plays a book shop owner who is being put out of business by a new 'big box' book store coming into the neighborhood.  Unknowingly she befriends her business nemisis, played by Tom Hanks, on a New York city forum.  Eventually, Tom Hanks character learns that his online friend is this woman whom he trying to put out of business.  Eventually he falls for her, but she still doesn't know that these two people are one in the same.

He decides to go to her apartment and giver her flowers.  She's not feeling well, because she is sick, she has broken up with her boyfriend and he has successfully put her out of business.  While there he sees her computer and comments on it.  Then in a way only Meg Ryan can do she says how much she loves turning on her computer and hearing those three words - "you've got mail."  Music to her soul.

Nowdays most of us are trying to find ways to decrease our in boxes and the computer telling you that you've got (more) mail may be only a painful reminder of what you're not getting done.  But I like eNewsletters even if they fill my in box and here's why.

Sometimes a company has something that I want and I want to read all about it.  I look forward to that email if it's something I'm really into, even if I'm not planning on buying it anytime soon.  If I'm not buying the thing right away I can stay connected to the company (and the product) and even get promotions and learn about updates.  So when the time is right for me, I can get the current version at the best price.

What about informational newsletters?  Here's another great reason to subscribe to eNewsletters.  As we all know we live in the information age and staying current is made a lot easier with newsletters.

Now, some will say that newsletters present a biased point of view instead of providing "just the facts, mam."  I for one like facts that have a point of view.  I'm okay with someone having a different point of view than mine, as long as it's presented in an intelligent manner.

For these reasons I probably always allow eNewsletters to clog my in box.

What are your favorite eNewsletters?

B2BDr Ned