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Today I'm going to share what I've learned as an Orem headache specialist. back pain neck pain headaches orem chiropractor

There are two causes of headaches. Having said that I can almost hear you saying, "what kinda crazy talk is that? There are lots of different things that cause headaches."

You're right. The thing is that the hundreds of different things that cause headaches produce one or both of the things that cause headaches.

Before I explain the two things that cause headaches (and remember there are a multitude of things that cause these two things) I want to add some commentary from a recent study that appeared in the European Spine Journal.

In a study that has a title way too long to be meaningful, researchers found that people with cervicogenic headaches benefited most from cervical and thoracic adjustments and cervicoscapular exercises.

In simpler terms it means that people who have headaches that started as neck problems benefit the most from adjustments to their neck and upper back as well as exercises that use muscles from their neck to the shoulder blades.

Now back to our two causes of headaches. One I tried to foreshadow in the previous paragraph, maybe you caught it.

The first cause of headaches is neck problems. Information from the head and face travel in the same nerves as information from the neck. So if there is a signal that says, "something's wrong here" the brain gets the message and doesn't know where it came from. Did it come from the head and face or the neck? The brain doesn't know so it creates this general pain sensation covering the parts of the head and neck.

The second cause is dilation (enlargement) of blood vessels in the brain.

Not always, but this is the usual cause of migraine type headaches.

The brain stem wants your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and all of your other functions to go big and fast. The brain acts a governor and keeps the brain stem and thus all other functions in check. Guess where the brain stem gets A LOT of input from? Yep, joints and muscles of the spine.

Thus, chiropractic care is awesome for producing lasting relief from headaches, no matter the type or cause.

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