Orem Low Back Relief And Body Mass Index

Many of us could easily understand how those who are obese and extremely over weight would be in need of Orem low back back relief. If you are one of those who think that - you're right, but maybe not for the reasons you think.Orem spine specialist

In this post I'll be talking about a possible connection between body mass index, which is a weight to height ratio, and pain. Your body mass index, commonly abbreviated as BMI, is found by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. It's primary purpose is to indicate over and underweight. If you're interested here's an easy body mas index calculator.

It is suggested that currently two thirds of the population has an increased BMI. Back pain is a staggering condition when you look at what it costs in dollars, time lost, productivity, enjoyment, etc. So this is a subject not to be taken lightly.

I think we could all see how increased weight puts more stress and tension on your joints and muscles. By having increased weight you make your joints, muscles and ligaments work harder than they were designed to do. Carry around a five pound barbell for just one day and describe how your shoulder, arm and hand feel after that. Makes sense, right?

Researchers have found that when we are overweight we are much more inflamed.  Like when you are injured and your body develops inflammation as a result of the injury. Our body produces a similar reaction with  the same chemicals when we are overweight and the more we are overweight the more of these inflammatory chemicals we have going around in our bodies.

It is these inflammatory chemicals that have been found to increase pain when we are over weight.

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