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Today I'm going to answer the question: does correcting your posture help with headaches and migraines?

Headaches are a funny thing in that there are no pain endings in your head. The head has no of feeling pain, yet many of us have headaches with some sort of regularity. Some even weekly or daily.

How does this happen?

Normal alignment of your head and neck is when a straight vertical line can connect your ear and shoulder.

Kinda like me holding this bowling ball with a backward bend in my wrist.In fact, if you've got something that weighs about 10-12 pounds you can do this yourself.

Forward head posture is when your head is more like this, where your head is in front of the shoulder.

If you're doing this on your own you can feel the stress and tension on your arm from holding the weight like this.

This stress and tension affect the nerves. These nerves in the neck then travel to several places and one is into the brainstem where, vision, breathing, heart rate, digestion, hearing and most of our essential functions are controlled.

This is why migraine headaches have so many other symptoms with them, sensitivity to light, nausea, ringing in the ears to name a few.

So, when your neck is brought back into normal alignment, the stress is taken away and headaches get better.

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