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Today I read an article about the use of NSAID's (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) and Orem neck pain relief. orem chiropractor neck adjustments spineIn this article the researchers looked at the effectiveness of NSAID's for spinal pain.

Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, which include ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen and the like.

After scouring all the available research where non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs were used to treat neck pain (there were thirty five such articles) they found that indeed, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs did help with neck pain.

The significant finding was that these drugs do indeed help with neck pain, but not any more than a placebo.

What's a placebo? A placebo is a fake treatment, or in this case a fake medication, often times a sugar or water pill. A placebo is something that should have no clinical affect on a condition.

For a treatment to be considered effective, at a minimum, it must do better than a placebo. Treatments are measured against placebos because even placebos can produce positive results.

Placebos produce results because the person taking them doesn't know that it's fake and believes that the treatment will work. The person's own belief produces a result.

So the conclusion is that non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs work no better than a sugar pill for neck pain.

Another significant thing about this finding is that non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs have several negative consequences, when taken over an extended time.

So they don't work any better than a sugar pill and taken long enough they can damage your stomach, liver and kidneys. Not to mention that when taken after muscle or ligament injuries they tend to slow healing time and result in weaker tissues.

Instead of not steroidal ant inflammatory drugs try chiropractic which gets you back in action faster and with less side effects than drugs.

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