Orem Neuropathy Specialist Learns A Lesson In Leadership And Maturity

Like many of you, I'm a college football fan. This past football seasonOrem Neuropathy Specialist Learns A Lesson was a huge disappointment as a University of Michigan fan. I'm also an Orem neuropathy specialist. Recently I read an article in the New York Times about the kicker from the Navy football team.

Unless you're in one of the branches of the military or a really hardcore college football fan you probably don't know Navy's kicker Bennett Moehring.

Bennett, a young man from Bentonville Arkansas had dreamed of winning a game with his kick and early in December 2017 in the Army Navy game his dream almost came true.

If you're not familiar with this game, there was a blizzard going on, snow on the field, and the wind blowing. Amazingly he had hit two field goals earlier in the game.

Now down to the last seconds and Navy down to Army 13-14 he's got a 48-yard field goal ahead of him and Navy wins. He had anticipated this moment so much that he and his holder and planned out how they were going to celebrate. Drop to the ground and make snow angels.

A 48-yard field goal is not a gimmie even in the best of circumstances, but under the above mentioned circumstances, it becomes almost impossible. If he were to make the kick it would tie his personal best.

The snap, the hold, the kick . . . the balls up . . . it's got the distance . . . it's wide left . . . Army wins.

After the game, Bennett agreed to talk to reporters. He felt like he needed to face this head on. No hiding. No making excuses. What did he say?

He said he was blessed to play football.

“I’ll use this as motivation,” Moehring said. “I’ll get better. It’s the only option.”

And therein is the lesson. He didn't live up to his or others expectations and he owned it. He didn't try and explain away his miss.

"I'll use this as motivation. I'll get better. It's the only option."

Let's make this our motivation and our only option.

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