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Most people come to my office because of pain. In almost all of thepeople there is a nerve component. As an Orem pinched nerve doctor I feel very comfortable in handling these situations.Orem spine specialist

What causes pinched nerves? Lots of different things.

One cause that has been over looked for a long time, but is getting attention as of late is sagittal plane posture deviations.


Imagine looking at someone from the side. Normally in this view a person's ear should be above their shoulder. Their shoulder should be above their hip. Their hip above their knee and the knee above the ankle. A straight line should connect the ear and the ankle, passing through the shoulder, hip and knee.

That's a normal sagittal plane posture.

Deviations in this view - forward or backwards of this imaginary line would be a sagittal plane posture deviation.

Most often it's a forward deviation.

The farther a person's posture is from the ideal posture, the more energy the body has to spend in standing.

Pain is a common symptom of this condition and increased pain is seen with increased activity.

This condition has also been directly linked with quality of life issues. Meaning the worse this condition is the more impact it will have on a person's quality of life.

The good news is this can be fixed with chiropractic care. No surgery required. Doing so reduces and eliminates pain and increases energy levels and quality of life. Meaning you can do the things you want to and feel good while you do.

A scientific write up of this can be found at Global Spine Journal.

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