Orem Residents May Have Hidden Junk In Their Food

When you read the title of this post you probably thought,why would Orem residents have hidden junk in their food?

As with all writing, and particularly writing found on the internet, part of the purpose of this title was to catch your attention. Did it work? Let's get on to the purpose of this post, which is to suggest that you evaluate many of the foods you eat and consider "healthy."

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This post is based on an article entitled: Junk Food in Disguise.

The author of this article is Monica Reinagel, M.S.,L.D./N, or as she is commonly known, "The Nutrition Diva."

In this article she tackles a phenomenon referred to as the "health halo effect." Basically this means that foods we buy in a health food store or are labeled whole grain or reduced calorie and a whole list of other things that are put on packages, we think are more healthy than they really are.

As proof of this she references a study done where people were asked to rate the number of calories in a meal that was shown in a photograph. People estimated the calories to be about one thousand for the pictured meal - which was actually a little high. Then people were shown a photograph of the same meal with crackers labeled as trans fat free. This one little change caused people to estimate the meal at about eight hundred calories. That's the health halo effect.

So what do you do so these marketing masters don't ruin your health just by putting some special words on their packaging? First and foremost be aware of this phenomenon. When you're in the store and a label says "Gluten Free." Take it with a grain of salt. Read food labels or better yet eat foods that don't come in packaging. The easiest way to avoid this is spend more of your time buying foods in the fresh food sections.

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