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Are you one of many people that is looking for Orem sciatica relief? In this post I'll be addressing assessment and treatment of sciatica due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

This post is based on an article that appeared in the European Spine Journal in their October 2013 edition. An article summary of the original research can be found here.

In my writing, as in life, I try really hard not to assume anything. Let's just say there have been enough embarrassing moments as to teach me not to assume anything.

With that in mind, let me start by explaining what sciatica is. Sciatica pronounced  sīˈadəkə. Or for those of us who are not English majors, sigh-at-a-kuh.  It's most commonly defined as pain or numbness in the leg that has origins in the spine. The name comes from the major nerve that runs down the back of the leg, the sciatic nerve (sigh-attic).

The sacroiliac joints are the joints on the right and left that connect the spine to the pelvis. sacroiliac joint sciatica orem utah And since I'm giving lessons on pronunciation, sacroiliac is pronounced - say-crow-ill-e-ack.

The purpose of the referenced research and article was to determine was treatment was best for sacroiliac related back and leg pain.

Researchers compared physical therapy, chiropractic and injections into the sacroiliac joints.

In the research each participant received either, physical therapy, chiropractic care or steroid injections into their sacroiliac joints. Participants were evaluated at six weeks and again at twelve weeks. 56% of participants received a successful outcome.

Of those that had a successful outcome twenty percent had received physical therapy, fifty percent had received steroid injections and seventy two percent had received chiropractic care.

So what's the take home message? First, regardless of your treatment choice you've got about a fifty percent chance of having a positive outcome. But if you're interested in getting the best results for your back and sciatica symptoms then you should choose chiropractic.

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