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I'll admit that only occasionally has someone come to see me because of sleep problems. Having said that, insomnia seems to be a symptom associated with many other challenges. Like, "Doc I've got Orem Sleep Professional Ends Insomniathis terrible nerve pain I'd like your help with and, oh yeah, I don't sleep very good either." Therefore, I'm an Orem sleep professional with a pretty good track record. As simple as sleep seems to the average person it's a highly complicated process that can be thrown off by a bunch of things.

We all have an internal clock that tells us when to be awake and when to sleep. Emotions, activity, pain, and diet are all things that can mess up this clock. Also, some people are just more prone to sleep problems.

So what do we do?

I classify sleep problems as either a problem falling asleep or a problem staying asleep.

Of course, the cause of your sleeplessness is a personal thing, but here are some tips to implement in your attempts to get a good night sleep.

Emotions seem to cause problems falling asleep. Whether it's excitement or anger. In this case, getting these emotions out seems to have therapeutic value. If you can't sleep because you're emotional about something write about what you're feeling, whether in a journal or just a scrap of paper. Write it out.

Our activity levels can influence our sleep as well, for good or bad. Generally, higher activity levels are good, primarily because it seems to counteract the stress hormone cortisol.

As I mentioned earlier, I see a lot of people who complain about sleep problems secondary to back pain. When they move or roll over in bed they wake up. The treatment for this kind of insomnia is obvious, clear up the cause of the pain and you'll sleep.

I've saved diet for the last because it may be the single most important thing you can do to influence your sleep.

Here's what happens, we eat sweet or starchy foods less than two hours before bed which causes our blood sugar to be high at the time of sleep. As time goes by blood sugar goes down so the body needs to get energy out of storage.  How does your body do that? It uses adrenaline. What does adrenaline do to you? Wakes you up!

Also, sleep hormones, in fact, all hormones need "good" blood sugar for production. An up and down blood sugar prevents hormone production which then can result in bad sleep.

Here's what you do. Right before bed eat a palm-size piece of protein and see if you don't sleep better. If you notice that you do, your sleep problems are blood sugar related.

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