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If you live in Utah and you have been suffering with a slipped disc, you need Orem Slipped Disc Relief. Orem Chiropractor Answers - What is Sciatica?

There are several treatment approaches to a slipped or herniated disc. In this post I will share information recently published by one of the world's greatest research journals - The New England Journal of Medicine.

Here are the key clinical points:

1. Herniated discs are the leading cause of sciatica, but many herniated discs are found in people with out any symptoms.

2. The natural history of herniated discs is good. One study has found that without surgery, pain decreases in about 87 percent of the people with in three months.

3. MRI or CT imaging is warranted in cases where sciatica lasts six weeks and people who are being considered for surgery or injections.

4. Oral medications and exercise only provide slight relief. Epidural injections are an option for those with severe sciatica but they do not reduce the rates of subsequent surgeries.

5. People with severe or progressive sciatica symptoms require a surgical consultation. Surgery is an option for those with congruent symptoms and MRI findings that do not improve over six weeks time.

6. The major benefit of surgery is the amount of time it takes for relief.

7. At one year follow up, prolonged conservative care (chiropractic care) has the same clinical and symptom results as does those who have surgery.

This information should be shared with all those who are considering surgery.

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