Orem Top Chiropractor Discusses The Cervical Spine

Many of my patients have rated me and my office as an Orem top chiropractor. For that I'm humbled and extremely grateful. In this post I want to talk about the cervical spine and some of its affects on general health and well being and some of the consequences of malfunction in the cervical spine.Orem spine specialist

The cervical spine is the part of our spine that we commonly refer to as our neck. It has seven bones, the top two are unique enough in form and function that they are given individual names.  The top one, C1, is named Atlas. As Atlas of Greek Mythology, it holds up the world, except the world in this case is our head. The vertebra below the Atlas is the Axis, C2, so named because the the Atlas rotates on it.

The cervical spine is important because all the nerves from the tip of our toes up to below our neck, travel through the cervical spine. This is why if some one were to become paralyzed after breaking their neck everything below is paralyzed.

One of the earliest tenets of chiropractic was that our nerves control everything that happens in our body and because all of those nerves end up traveling through the spinal column the form and function of the spinal column can affect nerves and thus most other things in our body. There are plenty of reasons to not buy into this theory, the biggest being that health and sickness are multi faceted phenomenon and to attribute one cause is short sighted and ignorant.

Research published in the Journal of the American Osteopathy Association gives us reason that the idea of our spine affecting various and unrelated parts of our physical and mental health may not be that far fetched.

If your interested in knowing the details click on the link above. If not, let me summarize. There was a woman who develop psychosis because of hypothyroidism - which is not remarkable. It was later discovered that she had a failed spinal fusion in her neck. Once that malfunction in her neck was corrected her hypothyroidism went away.

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