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Whiplash Symptoms Orem Auto Accident

Whiplash Symptoms Orem Auto Accident

Orem Whiplash symptoms from a car accident can range from annoying to debilitating.

This post is based on an article on whiplash from WebMD

The symptoms after being involved in an auto accident can include headaches, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, numbness, tingling, sore and tight muscles and dizziness.

In whiplash, there is injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and nerves.

Whether your car was moving slow, fast or not at all, injury results from the sudden whipping of the body as the collision takes place.

Often people assume that it's only the "big accidents" that cause injury. And it's true that big accidents often result in big injuries. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true. Small accidents can be some of the most painful accidents.

The following is a whiplash checklist. If you've been involved in auto accident and have any of the following call 801-225-1311 so you can experience the relief you deserve.

1. Do you or did you experiencing any kind of pain since the accident? 2. Do you or did you feel brain fog or that you're separate from your body. 3. Do you or did you feel any tightness or restrictions when you move your head, neck, shoulders, arms, back or legs? 4. Do you or did you feel sore or tender when touching your neck, shoulders or back? 5. Do you or did you feel dizziness, nausea, or lightheadedness? 6. Do you or did you feel any other unexplained symptom?

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