Our Experience Selling Online

As a profession I'm a chiropractor - at heart I'm an entrepreneur.  Meaning that, as much as I sometimes curse it, I love being in business for myself.  I love the freedom, I love being my own boss and in charge of my own destiny and if I wasn't in private practice as a chiropractor I would do something else to be my own boss. In fact, my dream has to have my own mini-empire where I have several different businesses in different niches.

Well, with the advent of internet and sites like eBay & Amazon it is now possible me and other entrepreneurs sell online the things we love, not only to our neighborhood, but to the whole world.  Something we couldn't have even fathomed 25 years ago.

My wife is definitely the creative one in our relationship and with that creativity she has created bags, boxes, books and hand made greeting cards.  I've used these greeting cards to say thank you, happy birthday and other greetings to friends, family and clients of mine. One of the best things we've done though is sell these cards online.

We created a eBay site and voila! We're selling greeting cards all over the country.  Of course eBay takes a cut of what we sell, but they provide so much it well worth it.

We've also sold books, movies, and other household items that are in great condition, but our family just doesn't need or want any longer.  You know what they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

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