Portable Power For Whatever You Need

Recently I was listening to some old 80's tunes and the song "The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by the group REM came on and it reminded me of the all the excitement around the turn of the century and all the calamities what were supposed to happen. I didn't end up needing portable power as I'll talk about in this sponsored post and I don't think there were any real problems following the new year in 2000.

For several reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog I do have an interest in preparedness and survival and simply being off the grid.

One of things that has spurred my interest of late is an almost fifty mile back pack trip I've been planning for this summer.  As part of that preparation I've done some research into wilderness survival.  One of things I learned in that research is that there is a huge market for providing power / charging capability for when we're away from electricity for all of our battery powered devices - from phones, computers, mp3 players, etc.

Which makes sense seeing as how our everyday existence is becoming more and more tied to technology and our ability to access it whenever and wherever we want.

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