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I met with a gentleman this past week. He told me he was hoping for a miracle. As one who provides Orem neck pain relief, I often hear this. orem chiropractor neck adjustments spine He wanted relief from his pain, that he had been experiencing for weeks and he wanted me to relieve it in one day or in about fifteen minutes to be exact.

We all want the quickest results, with the lowest amount of work, and with as little financial investment as possible. I get that. When I visit with professionals who help me with my health and the health of my family, that's what I want too. I get it.

As the the clinician it's kinda frustrating because, in this case this man has already diagnosed and given himself a treatment plan. When the reality of his condition is more serious than that and thus I'm not able to meet his predefined diagnosis and treatment, he says, "It still hurts here."

If there is anything I've learned in my years of clinical work is that pain and symptoms are like icebergs. Icebergs have a part that sticks out above the water and there is a larger unseen part under the water.

Neck pain is the part we can "see". When we look at it it's not very big and so we tend to think solving should be easy, "like today, already!"

That's not to say that every symptom has a serious root cause requiring extensive treatment and large costs. Not at all.

Our age, lifestyle, health history, among other things, determine how large the unseen part of our condition is.

I was reminded of this when I read this article.

The authors found that people with chronic neck pain walk with reduced trunk rotation, especially when challenged by walking with their head positioned in rotation. Reduced rotation of the trunk during walking may have long term consequences on spinal health.

So in this case neck pain is the symptom, but the cause is more related to trunk rotation and walking.

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