Relief From Chronic Pain With Eye Exercises in Orem Utah

Relief From Chronic Pain With Eye Exercises in Orem Utah
Today I'm going to be talking about relief from chronic pain and eye exercises.

How does our body stop pain?

There are two structures in our brain stem that work to stop pain.

Our brain stem is between our brain on top and our spinal cord below.

If you've ever had a stalk of broccoli, the green leafy, tree like part on top is our brain. It then goes down into a stalk. Our brain stem is the stalk of our brain.

The brain stem has three levels. In the top section is a structure called the periaqueductal grey matter or PAG. In the middle and bottom section is the pontomedullary reticular formation or PMRF.

Here's the really cool part. Right next to each of these structures are nerves that help move our eyes. So by moving our eyes in a certain way the nerves that move our eyes bump into the nerves that help stop pain.

So by exercising our eyes in a certain way we turn on the structures that help stop pain.

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