Save 1.3 Billion By Seeing An Orem Chiropractor

Recently a giant in the insurance industry Optum, did a cost analysis and found that when you have back pain and see Orem Chiropractor (or any chiropractor) first and it will save you $1.3 billion dollars.Orem chiropractor consultation saves money and improves quality of care OK, not you personally, but when Optum analyzed two years of their own data, they concluded that's how much money would be saved by healthcare consumers if they saw a chiropractor at the outset.

Outset was defined as "within the first 10 days” of an episode of back pain.

Using that window of time they found "drastically reduces the need for everything from costly surgery to injections to prescription medications."

As a chiropractor I have found the same to be true. It supports the idea that is being espoused by many health experts, see a chiropractor first.

And it’s not just about the money.

Optum also contends that the quality of back pain treatment would be greatly improved if doctors of chiropractic were consulted first by patients.

More fuel to the "chiropractic first" fire is found in the following.

The non profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has said that, “Chiropractic care advances the opportunity for optimal outcomes across care delivery, quality and cost.”

The Foundation also has pointed out a recent study in the journal Spine. They found that patients suffering from lower back pain who consulted a chiropractor first versus a surgeon were more than forty percent less likely to need surgery for their back pain.

Forty percent is also the percentage of per episode savings when chiropractic care precedes medical or surgical interventions.

So when someone you know and care about experiences back pain chiropractic care should be your first choice. The great thing is, if it is, it will probably be the only choice you have to make.

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