Scoliosis Pain and Treatment

Scoliosis pain and treatment.Scoliosis Pain Treatment Chiropractor Orem UtahFrom Wikipedia: (With a few simplifications that are mine) Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine has a three-dimensional deviation. When viewed on an X-ray the spine can resemble an "S" or a "C", rather than a straight line.

Scoliosis is typically classified as either congenital (from birth) idiopathic (unknown cause) or secondary to some other condition.

The most common form of scoliosis is idiopathic that appears later in life.


For the longest time it was believed that late onset idiopathic scoliosis progressed into severe scoliosis that can have risks of heart and lung complications.

Recent studies have proved this to be false.

These can result in early spinal degeneration, which only adds to a person's pain and dysfunction.

It's these cases that have had the response to non-surgical. Most of these focus on realigning the spine, typically by muscular relaxation or muscular or ligamentous stretching.

Such treatments which include physical therapeutic, chiropractic, and bracing techniques do have some support in current evidence.

In a recent article from the Journal Global Advances In Health and Medicine they found that they could improve scoliosis by having participants use the side plank position.

It was a small study, only twenty five people. They had a wide range of curvatures from only six degrees to as much as one hundred twenty degrees.

These people were taught the side plank pose with the convex side of their primary curve towards the floor. They did this for 10 to 20 seconds for one week. Then we were instructed to hold this position for as long as they could every day.

The average hold time was one and a half minutes and the average participant did this six times a week.

Follow up ranged from three to twenty two months, the average being just under seven months.

Among all participants a significant improvement in the primary curve of 32.0% was found.

When they took out the six participants that did not comply the average improvement rose to 40.9%.

What this suggests is that instead of trying to relax musculature on the concave side, strengthening musculature on the convex side yields better results.

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