Slaying Sugar Habit Saves Health Status

We all love alliteration, right?  Says the Crazy Chiropractor in Orem Utah. Crazy Chiropractor in Orem Utah

As we are heading into the holiday season increasing sugar (and calorie) consumption is just par for the course.

Between the sweets brought to us by our well meaning neighbors, parties and all the stores selling holiday themed goodies it can be nearly impossible to avoid completely the onslaught of sugar stuff.

A recent study published in the journal Obesity reports that simply reducing sugar for nine days reduced blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Oh ya, though it wasn't the aim of the study they found the participants lost weight too.

Maybe the most notable fact is that the participants didn't reduce their calorie intake.

Two groups were studied. Both groups ate comparable amounts of calories, consisting of equal amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The study group reduced their sugar calories from 28% to 10% and replaced them with starch.

They swapped their sugar cereals, cakes, cookies, yogurts, and fruit juices for turkey hot dogs, baked potato chips and pizza.

So you can see that it wasn't an upgrade in quality of food, it was just getting rid of the sweets.

The head author on the paper reported that "They (study participants) told us it felt like so much more food, even though they were consuming the same number of calories as before, just with significantly less sugar."

This teaches me that sugar also appears to have turn off the satiety center of our brain.  The satiety center is what makes us feel full after eating. So eating lots of sweets turns off the "I'm full" sensation.

This holiday season have fun and enjoy family, friends and food. Just limit the sweet stuff.

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