The History Of Razors Blades And Shaving

I'm a disposable razor kind of shaver for all of my adult life - mostly because they're cheap and as a young adult when I started shaving regularly, I was more after cheap than quality. In this sponsored post I'm going to write about my shaving history and some real history of shaving and razors blades.

As a young teen ager for some reason I was really looking forward to being able to shave.  I would often spend to much time in front of the mirror trying to find some kind of facial hair.  By the age of fourteen I was tired of waiting to be able to shave so I started taking my dad's shaving cream and razors, taking the blades out and shaving.  Why was this such a big thing to me?  I have no idea . . .

Later, when I was in my later teens, seventeen and eightneen, I started getting what my dad would call "peach fuzz."  He would threaten to put milk on my upper lip and send the cat in to lick off whatever happened to be on my upper lip.  In reality I was shaving about once a week now (whether I needed it or not).  What was really cool about this time of my shaving life was my dad went through this old time barber shaving phase using shaving soap with a brush and straight razor.  Since my dad used these I did.

You've probably heard of the Gillette shaving company.  They're named after King C. Gillette the owner of the patent for the first safety razor.  After losing everything in the great Chicago fire he became a traveling salesman.  This lead him to a man named Willia  Mr. Painter convinced him that successful invention is one that is purchased over and over again.  This lead him to developing the disposable razor.  By 1903 he fully developed his razor and the United States government bouth his razors for their soldiers during World War I, which essentialy got all the men of that generation shaving with Gillette products.

It wasn't until more than twenty years later, in 1928, Jacob Schick patented the electric shaver.

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