The Sign Said "Drivers Wanted"

Drivers Wanted That's all it said.

I few simple words and I'm taken back my youth.  I was born in the late nineteen sixties - which makes me a child of the 70's & 80's.

In the mid to late 70's we lived in Arizona near Tucson.  I had a friend, I don't rememer his name, but he had the coolest dad in the whole world.  What made his dad so cool?  He was a truck driver.

I have very vivid memories of being in their drive way playing basketball and his dad would come out of their house, walk past our game and fire up his big eighteen wheeler truck.  As a kid was their anything more cool than the roar and rumble of the diesel engine?  As a nine year old I would have said not much.

So he would fire up the truck and sit in it for a few minutes watching us play - this was the time when we would all want to play our best - Mr. Cool was wathching.

Our game would come to an end and Mr. Cool's son would run up to his dad and climb in the truck and sit behind the wheel of that mamoth truck.

We were all extremely envious and never dared verbalize the wish to climb up too.

Mr. Cool and his son would say their goodbyes and Mr. Cool would pull away.  Then, he would look back and us boys would be doing that imainary air horn pull, and Mr. Cool would pull the horn.

We would then discuss all the cool places he was going.

It seemed like a never ending adventure.  Even, now seeing that sign for Drivers Wanted, takes me back and sometimes I wonder what would it be like . . .

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