Using Richmond Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

Sometimes experiences in life cause such a huge change in my opinions and perspectives that it's embarrassing to admit that  I once held different views.  What opinion have I changed?  My opinion on using a Richmond injury attorney. Early in my career I purposely stayed away from attorneys.  When I first started in practice I had a few attorney's contact me about establishing professional referrals and being new in practice this was kind of exciting to me.  Attorney's are coming to me!  What could be better?  Being new in practice I did not have a lot of clientele, but I did refer those that had been in involved in auto accidents to see one of a few attorneys that I had formed the previously mentioned relationship with.

One of these attorney's was a part of a large personal injury practice and after I had made a referral they, whether on purpose or not, "forgot about me" and began directing this person to other health care providers.  That of course, for a new practitioner, was like telling my wife to leave me.  So my opinion went south quick.

Maybe that bad experience was my own fault. Being new in practice maybe I didn't know how to work with an attorney correctly and they saw me as a weakness for their case?  Who knows?  I do know that several years later this attorney had some professional problems that went public and they didn't reflect well on his morals and ethics.

Now here I am sixteen years in practice, as of April 2013, and I have used attorneys personally and professionally and  all I can say is that there are really good, compassionate, professional people in every profession and there are not so good and not so professional people in every profession.  I've developed what I feel is a great professional law firm, they treat me well, they communicate with me well and they treat the clients I refer to them well.

So, if you've been involved in an automobile accident I highly recommend using the services of an attorney.  Just do your homework and find one that fits you.

This post is a sponsored post, but I will be sharing my personal and professional experiences in using an attorney following a car accident.