Vitamin D Deficiency Related To Increased Inflammation

orem chiropractic offices and the benefits of vitamin DOver the last several years awareness of the importance of vitamin D has come to light.  One of things researchers have discovered is that a person with a vitamin D deficiency  will have increased inflammation. This post is based on an article that appeared in Science Daily.

For example, if you twist your ankle it will become painful, swell and have inflammation.

Inflammation will also be found in people who are obese as well as in people who have chronic diseases.

These researchers found that normal, healthy women who were deficient in vitamin D also had inflammation and that their immune response was negatively affected.

So if you are vitamin D deficient you are likely to have more inflammation, which means more pain and increased likely hood of developing chronic diseases. Also, your immune system will be affected, so your ability to fight off attackers will be limited.

Most people should get at least 1000 IU (International Units) of vitamin D per day. Depending on where you live, sunlight is a readily available source of vitamin D that is free.

Many people will get all the vitamin D they need from three, ten minute sessions of sun exposure a week.

People with dark skin will need more exposure.

Other sources of vitamin D are fatty fish and vitamin-D-fortified foods, including milk and orange juice.

If you are not getting vitamin D from sun exposure or from your diet, consider having your vitamin D levels checked.

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