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One of the things that got me interested in health care as a teenager was my parents struggle with weight, they way they sometimes tortured them selves, and their lack of apparent success in losing weight and being healthy.  Too bad they didn't havewww.mtmbody.com .

As I stated earlier, my interest in health and weight loss goes back to my youth.  Another big contributor was my participation in sports.  Like many teenagers my diet had plenty of fast foods, sweets and all around unhealthy eating habits.  Through my freshman and sophomore years I tried to make the school baseball team.  Never could make it.  My natural talents were in running.  I had run on the cross country team in the fall and tried to make the baseball team in the spring.

My junior year I realized I wasn't going to make the baseball team and gave in to my coaches insistence that I run on the track team.  I was good, not great but good, getting my letter in track both years.

Now to the point of this back story.  During the spring of my senior year, so this would have been April or May of 1987, these highly carbonated flavored seltzer water drinks became popular.  Whether it was on a dare or some other reason I don't remember, but I drank a whole bottle, probably twelve ounces, of one of these seltzer water drinks one day after school before a track meet, in one long drink, followed by the obligatory belch and "ahhhhhhhhh."

Just recalling that much carbonation going into my stomach now makes me nauseous.

Well, you can guess how well I did in that track meet.

The good thing that came from it was, I learned that the things I eat and drink affect my athletic performance and the way my body functions.  That's what got me in really interested in health care - what other things can affect human performance and function.

The lesson to take from this is health and weight loss begins with the things we take into our body.  Supplements can be helpful, but not supplement can overcome bad eating and bad lifestyle choices - kind of like drinking seltzer water right before running the half mile.

This is a sponsored post where I will be sharing my personal and professional experiences on losing weight, being fit and what role should weight loss supplements play in our attempts to get the always coveted body of a thin waist, tight abdominals, and big muscles.  



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