Whiplash Injury Utah Valley

Whiplash Injury in Utah Valley

Even at low speeds, the jolt that is put into our body in a car accident is so fast it causes the head and neck to whip backward and forward, causing injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Although you may not feel it right away, your body begins repairing muscles, tendons and ligaments by producing swelling and scar tissue.

When enough swelling and scar tissue has built up, then you'll start to feel the pain and tightness of the injured tissues.

There are three characteristics of scar tissue that you should know.

1. Scar tissue is weaker, meaning it doesn't take very much to make things even worse.

2. Scar tissue is less flexible so your range of motion and flexibility will be reduced.

3. Scar tissue is more painful. You'll notice that the tissues are tender to the touch and normal movements are tight or painful.

If you've been involved in a car accident we can help.

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