Whiplash Symptom Diagnosis in Orem Utah

Whiplash symptom diagnosis is a simple but at the same time very complicated issue. This post is based on an article found on WebMD.

Simple because all it requires is a history of being involved in a car orem utah car accident chiropractor whiplash neck painaccident and a joint, muscle or nerve related symptom after that accident.

The complicated part is that there isn't a test for whiplash. You can't see whiplash on an x-ray or MRI. There isn't a blood test that tells you, "you've got whiplash."

For the medical community, this can be a difficult thing. Historically, they want to name health problems. The thinking is, if you have 123 then we know we need to apply treatment ABC.

This is why I believe, chiropractors have been so successful in the management and treatment of whiplash and car accident injuries.

In my office when I see a person who has been involved in car accident, I'm not looking to figure out "what the person has".

I take a functional approach. What's not working the way it's supposed to? Can it produce the symptoms this person is experiencing? If so, we know the cause of the problem and how to get it back to normal, but there's not a name for that.

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