Why I Needed A Cosmetic Dentist

Here's a story going way back to the summer of 1983.  In Michigan during the summer time most people love to go "up north." Most of Michigan's population lives in the southeast part of the state, making the northern part of the state rural, and being filled with many lakes is ideal camping and other outdoor activities.  My family was no different, so in the summer of 1983 we packed up and headed "up north."  Where in the state and by which lake we camped escapes me now.

In my family I was a lot older than my sisters and and so my parent allowed me to bring a friend on these family camping trips.  Mark Persavol, was his name, he was a year younger than me in school.  Plus, he thought I was "cool", making him the ideal camping friend.

Funny thing was we didn't go camping to hike or fish or explore the outdoors.  We went camping to meet girls.  After arriving and

getting camp set up we set out to check out the "scenery."

Most people camped for the week and so once we meet some girls we had the week to hang out with them.  By the end of the week we were getting close (close in the mind of 14 year old guys).  Sitting in our tent on our second to last night we discussed if we would "make out" with these girls and where we would go.  It was at this point I took a drink from my bottle of Sprite and being 1983 it was a glass bottle.  At the same moment Mark sat up, hitting the bottom of the bottle driving it into my mouth and breaking off half of one of my front teeth.

So I ended up going a couple of weeks before my mom took me to the dentist and had my tooth cosmetically repaired.  It's been almost thirty years now and I can't remember which tooth it was and  I can't tell by looking either.  It must of been a great dentist.

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