Wouldn't It Be Nice To Drive A Volvo West Palm Beach

While I was in college, I had the best college job ever!  I worked for a valet company and we did several high end malls jobs, as well as private parties. In this sponsored post I'll share some of my experiences working as a valet during the winter months and thinking to myself, wouldn't it be nice to be away from this freezing cold weather and drive a Volvo West Palm Beach?

Believe it or not, while working as a valet, I came to love the Volvo's.  They were a car with an understated elegance that just caught my eye.  We drove lots of them and many of them were older, proving to me that not only were they a nice car, but they would last a long time.  Being in chiropractic college at the time I did a lot of personal research and took many extra credit courses in motor vehicle accidents.  One of the things I learned was (at the time) Volvos were one of the safest cars made.

Working the kind of events we did I was able to drive everything from Hyaundi to Mercedes to Bentley and everything in between.  Besides Volvos, I really liked the Mercedes 500SL and the Nissan 300 ZX.

Being as I was married and we had just had our first child, I really never saw myself owning the Mercedes or the Nissan 300.  Which is why on that cold Saturday night before Christamas, with freezing rain, and a Volvo pulled up I smiled and dreamed of driving far away to somewhere much warmer.

B2BDr Ned