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Everybody wants to live a full life. Unfortunately, you aren’t because of your dizziness. So often you just don’t feel good. It’s annoying and frustrating. You’re always worried that it’s going to come out. Over time you begin to worry that this will become a permanent part of your life. I understand how you feel. I’ve helped thousands of people feel better and find lasting relief. I can help you.

We Provide Assessment, Treatment and Most Importantly Lasting Relief for Dizziness & Balance Disorders

As a child, spinning until you were dizzy may have been great fun - but now, dizziness, vertigo BPPV and balance disorders can be disabling and incapacitating. Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or even losing your balance can be caused by a variety of different factors. 20% of all cases (50% in older patients) of dizziness are due to Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Dizziness - whether from BPPV or other causes - can often be treated by certain repositioning techniques.

Using the latest in vestiublar and cerebellar rehabilitation, relief from dizziness, vertigo, BPPV and balance disorders can be achieved.